Once you retire, it is quite normal for you to laze around and spend the entire day ‘sitting’ idle at home. This is unacceptable! Take vacations whenever you can, this will have a great impact not only on your health, but also your mood, productivity, and creativity. So, what are you waiting for?  Get your calendar out, tick off some time for yourself or with your family, and get ready to enjoy a time like no other.

VISIT A PLACE NEW TO YOU – Go out and explore a place you haven’t been to before to energize your body and soul. The key to boosting your creativity and gaining fresh, new perspectives is by exploring new, unique destinations and learning new things.


KEEP YOURSELF HAPPY BY DOING WHAT YOU WANT – Feel like taking long tours of local spots or lazing around on the serene beach the entire day? Go ahead and do it! There is no wrong or right activity to soothe your body and mind during a vacation. An itinerary that includes everything that you want to do during a holiday is what really matters!

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ENJOY EVERY MOMENT – We live in an era where we cannot function without our phones (this applies to seniors too), and there is this strong urge to document our whole lives on social media. Keep your selfie stick aside and don’t constantly think about what photo to upload next on Instagram. Rather, live in the moment and keep yourself more connected to the people who are travelling along with you. With a phone lying next to you, there is no way you will be interested in being connected to one another, so ditch your phone on a vacation.


PLAN IT OUT – The sheer act of vacation planning can boost satisfaction and happiness. So, try to plan out your vacation when you have the time off from your daily chores.  Part of proper planning is making sure you have the proper insurance coverage.  For information on Medicare supplement for 2019 visit http://www.Medigapplansguide.com


ENGAGE IN VACATION LIKE ACTIVITIES – Try to incorporate vacation like activities as much as possible into your everyday life. Head out for a morning swim, have a small get together and eat outside for lunch or dinner, or take a long evening stroll in the beach. Do anything that is relaxing or entertaining to you like having a chat with your loved ones or doing meditation. Once you return back to your daily life the vacation feeling slowly disappears. Keep the vibe alive by integrating these vacation like activities into your life.