Ile Saint Louis Blog, ParisAt the heart of Paris, linked to the banks of the Seine by a series of bridges, are two inhabited islands: is gloriously walkable and Ile de la Cité.


I won’t discuss Ile de la Cité on this article and will focus on its adorable little sister, the charming Ile Saint Louis. It is like an oasis from the rush of the city and considers one of the calmest and most picturesque spots in Paris. It was peaceful to roam on the non-bustle streets of Paris as it features markets, bakeries, fromageries and cafés. While much of Paris has modernized over the years, the ile remains romantically frozen in the 17th century.



Originally, there were 3 islands in the River Seine. In 1614, the other two small island – The Ile aux Vaches and the Ile Notre-Dame -were linked together, and in 1725 the resulting single island was renamed Saint-Louis.


Ile Saint Louis Blog, Paris

Non-bustle streets of Paris

It is lined with adorable boutiques, is home to its own unique ice cream – The Berthillon ice cream: The only true Berthillon are available in the few small blocks that comprise the Ile Saint Louis. This yummy ice cream has rich colors and equally intense flavours.

Ile Saint Louis Blog, Paris

Berthillon ice cream

Ile Saint Louis Blog, Paris

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My Travel Experience:

Ile Saint Louis is gloriously walkable and I started my journey after visited Notre Dame. Regret that I did not spend time at Square Jean Xxiii. From the Notre Dame, I crossed to Pont Saint-Louis and make the way to the gorgeous Ile St-Louis, one of the city’s most exclusive enclaves. I actually have no idea about the famous sights in Ile Saint Louis, therefore I just simply wandering around narrow cobblestone stone streets. The street name is Rue St-Louis-en-L’Ile which lined with restaurants and boutiques selling art, clothes, food and jewellery. The area is very peaceful and I hardly meet anyone in the street even it is 9:30 Saturday morning. Most of the shops still not start their business and luckily I manage to get my fresh croissant breakfast at St Louis. Too bad that Berthillon is not opened yet if not imagine strolling Ile St.-Louis with a small ice cream cone in hand should be good memory. I spend around half an hours walking and it’s quaint and very pleasant to walk around.

Ile Saint Louis Blog, Paris

Croissant shop

Ile Saint Louis Blog, Paris

Berthillon not opened

Ile Saint Louis Blog, Paris

Small shops and bistros create an intimate atmosphere in the copper road of Saint-Louis

Getting there

Metro: Pont Marie, line 7 (5 minutes walk across the Seine river).

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