Do you miss London? Right now it’s a good opportunity for a bunch of people like me who miss London very much or want to watch the London attractions. 12th August, 11am at London time will provide to you almost 2 hours London Travel in front of your TV. What is this show? Actually it’s Olympic Men’s Marathon.

Don’t you feel confused now or getting much clearer that what I say. The 2012 Olympic Marathon Course is open race and cover almost 42km route in London’s north bank. You able to see your memorable street, landmark, people and almost everything during the live coverage which will start on 11am (London time).

Olympic Man Marathon will start on The Mall, within sight of Buckingham Palace, and extends as far as the Tower of London in the east and the Victoria Memorial in the west. Therefore, you able to see most of the famous landmark in London such as St James Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Thames River, Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, St Paul Cathedral, Trafalgar Square, Millennium Bridge, Guildhall, Leadenhall Market, London Tower and Tower Bridge.

Download a map of the Marathon route

Do you miss London?

Do you miss London?

I already missed the Women Marathon on last week Sunday so don’t miss the Man Marathon. Enjoy your London Travel Show!!!

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